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Out of This World Dog Training

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Rated a Top 10 Dog Trainer in Columbus, OH, 2018 by Expertise

2019-2023 Best of Columbus Award: Dog Training 

Award 2023

Your Dog and Puppy Training Center in Columbus, OH

Puppy training is essential to ensure you have a well-behaved pooch. Our puppy training center is dedicated to providing exceptional dog training services that meet your unique needs. You’ll work with an expert dog trainer who gets to know your pup and find the best way to ensure good behavior.

Out of This World Dog Training Teaches Dog and Puppy Behavior and Obedience at Our Center in Columbus, OH

If you’re looking for the best location for dog behavior training, we invite you to enroll in our dog and puppy classes. We are experts in dog obedience training and aim to give you the desired results with your precious canine family member.

Call us today for more information!


Meet Your New Favorite Dog Trainer

Passionate. Patient. Persistent. Animal-lover. These are just a few of the characteristics that describe me. I know each animal is different, and I’ll work with yours to give them the specific guidance they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a dog, have a new dog, or already own a dog with behavioral problems, I am here to help.


My name is Alex Eaton and I started Out of This World Dog Training to offer the people and pets of Central Ohio an exciting and effective method of training. I am a certified professional dog trainer. I received my certification through Animal Behavior College and graduated with honors. I have also helped train service dogs for Canine Companions for Independence. I have spent time volunteering at Franklin County Dog Shelter as well as being a consultant for other dog trainers in the area. When necessary I consult with local veterinarians to make sure that my methods, nutritional information and medical advice are 100% up to date and correct. I take your pet’s health and well-being as seriously as humanly possible!

I believe that owning a pet is an amazing and rewarding experience, but also a responsibility, not a luxury. Training your dog properly will lead you to a greater understanding of the animal and I firmly believe in the owner-pet relationship being one of mutual understanding and respect. I immerse you fully in the training process and use dog psychology to more effectively teach your dog. I find that owners end up learning as much, if not more, than their pets. Contact me to find out more about my unique approach to training.

Sarah Karr - CPDTKA

"I absolutely love helping dogs and owners learn how to have the best relationship possible. I have been working with dogs in a daycare and in training settings for 3 years. My favorite things to work on are "party tricks" and socialization, but above all I just love watching dogs learn and engage with their people! I have two rescues pups! Hunter is a 3 year old Pittie Hound mix, Roscoe is an 8 year old Beagle, Cattle Dog mix. In my free time time we do a lot of hiking. We have hiked parts of New Mexico, Texas, Maryland, Washington, and of course Ohio!"

Sarah has trained alongside me for over 100 hours in addition to her prior experience. Sarah is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She received her certification through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Sarah is incredibly affectionate towards the dogs she works with and makes quick connections with both her canine and human students. In Sarah's time working with me she has exceeded all my expectations and I am sure she will do the same for you!


Allison Linkous

"When I was young I dreamed of being a dog trainer. In November of 2019 my fiance and I rescued our dog Nova from Virginia. Nova (pictured on the right) is a 3year old Australian Shepherd and Corgi mix. In 2021 we also adopted a 5 month old Australian Shepherd/Poodle/Border Collie mix. Henry (pictured on the left)  is now about 1.5 years old and has settled nicely into our home. Henry has taught me a lot about how to manage a multi-dog household. Herding breeds need a ton of mental and physical stimulation because of the jobs they were bred to do. Nova challenged me to work a little harder each day and to find patience in the process. I have learned so much from her. She inspired me to get my certification and I graduated from Animal Behavior College as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer in May of 2022. I have also volunteered at the Franklin County Dog Shelter to observe dog behavior in play groups. My favorite thing I have learned in training and working with dogs is body language! Dogs are always speaking to us and each other, we just have to learn to translate what they are saying through their behavior. Developing clear communication with your dog is the key to training. Once I understood the importance of having clear communication with my dog, our relationship improved immensely. I am excited to help people build a better relationship with their dog with patience & understanding. I love working with dogs and people! Eventually I would love to train dogs to do agility. One of my favorite things to do is to go hiking with my dogs. I cannot wait to see where their paws lead me next."

Allison is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has spent time shadowing myself and Sarah in addition to her previous experience. Allison's knack for dog training was evident from the moment I met her and she has only grown as a trainer over the past year working with the team. Allison has impressed me immensely and I know she will impress you too! 


My Services

Helping You Help Your Pet

It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, and I believe it’s never too late to train any pet. My services are designed with you and your pet in mind and I believe in working as much with you as with your dog. I’m proud of my high success rate and the level of satisfaction with my clients as well as their pets.

Behavior Consulting

I'm Here to Help

If your dog needs help with a specific behavioral issue, Behavior Consulting may be a great option for you. The earlier undesirable behaviors are addressed, the more quickly they can be changed. Sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience, with personalized plans to fit your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. No problem is too big or too small.

On-Leash Training

Time for You and Your Pet

The reality for many dog owners is that they find themselves dragged behind their dog instead of sharing a relaxing walk together. If this situation sounds familiar, dog walking training may be just what you need. Proper instruction on how to walk your dog will make the daily routine of walking your dog much more relaxing and will serve to strengthen the bond you share.

Off-Leash Training

Trust Your Dog at a Distance

Off-leash training is a very advanced skill for both dogs and handlers but also one of the most fun training related activities to share with your dog. Dogs love being able to play fetch in an open field or go on a hike without a leash! Typically the main issue in these situations is trusting a dog's responses at a distance when compliance feels optional. We will teach you and your dog how to perfect these skills so that even the most compelling distractions can be ignored.

Obedience Training

Learn How to Communicate With Your Dog

Your dog has plenty of potential to learn and understand commands, regardless of age, and my techniques will lay a foundation for you to build upon. My instruction on obedience skills, basic to advanced, as well as general house manners will help your canine companion be his or her best self.

Puppy Training

Build Good Habits Early

A new addition to the family can be a lot of fun but also a lot of work! Starting your puppy early with basic obedience, house manners, house breaking and crate training can make a world of difference as your dog matures. Puppies as young as eight weeks old can learn a great deal through training. Get your puppy started on the right track today!

Group Obedience Classes

Build On Your Basic Skills

Group classes are a great way to practice your dog's obedience skills around distractions (particularly other dogs) in a novel environment. I recommend you and your dog have had some training experience before participating in a group obedience class. Group classes are held at Dogtopia Columbus-Dublin.

Group Puppy Socialization and Desensitization Classes

Where Dogs Learn to Be Friendly and Confident

Early Socialization is one of the most important components of raising a happy and friendly dog. The majority of socialization should occur by the time a dog is six months old. By having these experiences in a controlled environment your dog is much more likely to learn to love socializing. Secondarily, dogs can easily become unsure of novel objects (vacuums, hats, crutches, etc.) without proper exposure at an early age. Our puppy class will show you and your dog the best way to handle these situations now and into the future!

Weekend Pack Walks

Face Real Life Scenarios

For existing clients only we offer this special class. After building your dog's training skills, as well as your own, you are ready to attend our weekend Pack Walks! This class typically has 6-10 participants and we meet at various parks around the city. Due to the fact that dogs are very social learners, this class is a great opportunity for dogs of all ages to learn from one another as well as gain additional social skills in a public setting. It can be hard to develop leash skills with unfamiliar dogs in passing so we have designed this class to give your dog ample opportunities to be their best.

Board and Train

Specialized Training for All Ages

Boarding and Training is a unique opportunity for your dog to live within our training structure 24 hours a day. During the boarding we will focus training on any goals you have in mind prior to the boarding and will address anything noteworthy we notice during the stay. Your dog would accompany us to various training activities as well as having multiple training sessions each day. Your dog would live in the respective trainer's home and be within the structure of that environment. For dogs with advanced skills, we can teach off-leash during a boarding. We also encourage boarding for families traveling to keep up with good habits. Please visit our FAQ section for pricing and package options.

Travel Boarding

Keep Up Good Habits

Travel Boarding provides a unique approach to caring for your dog while maintaining their existing training. Your canine companion will stay in a home environment, receiving personalized attention and care from our experienced team. We understand the importance of consistency in training, which is why we diligently follow any pre-established training routines during your dog's stay. By the time they return home, you can expect your furry friend to have improved their obedience and social skills, making for a more harmonious and enjoyable relationship.

Day Training

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

Day Training is a special offering for existing clients wherein we pick up your dog and work with them for 2-3 hours. This program is fantastic for work from home individuals as well as for clients/dogs that are working on more difficult behaviors. Let us take some of the leg work out of training!

Puppy Class Sign-ups

You may sign up for the puppy socialization class via the link below. Please contact us with any questions!

Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.

I would recommend Alex to anyone and everyone. From the moment I reached out through Yelp, Alex was quick to respond and informative of his services. He helped us train two mixed breed dogs. From basic obedience to advanced training Alex was well versed on his custom training plans he created for each of our dogs based on their differing progress. One of my dogs that I rescued would resource guard. Alex was able to make huge strides in his development within the first hour of training. He left us with a training plan at the end of the session that we could work on which was a great help as we worked on our own. He would continually check up as needed to check on our progress and would offer and tips he had for us. He is a large part of why our dogs are extremely obedient and well trained. If you are looking for a personalized experience with a trainer who is extremely well versed, I cannot say enough how happy you will be with Alex at Out of This World Dog Training.

Paul and Julia

We have 3 standard poodles 2 years old and younger. Lots of dog energy and intensity! We had tried other trainers with minimal success. We needed a trainer that would work closely with us, help us stay consistent and committed until we reached our goals. Alex was that person. He immediately connected with each dog. Recognizing their singular personalities, strengths, and challenges. He was warm, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and creative. Alex taught us so much about basic obedience, offering innovative ideas and different approaches. He worked with us on politely greeting visitors at the door, walking calmly on the leash, and so much more. Most importantly, he came regularly as we needed him to. First twice a week. Then once a week. And finally once a month. He helped us completely transform our dog family and increase the happiness they already bring to us. I can't say enough about his skills and insight. The real Dog Whisperer.

Suzanne and Brian

Sarah is a great trainer. I strongly recommend hiring her services. I literally watched her teach my puppy, Ruby, a new trick in 1 minute. That is faster than fast food. I felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway. I watched Sarah create fire. David Blaine or Sarah? You decide who performs real magic. Woof! I have had many dogs throughout my life, but this is the first time I have used the services of a dog trainer and I couldn't be happier. Sarah taught me so much! Out of This World Dog Training is highly recommended by me and Ruby. Go Sarah!


Alex was AWESOME!! Our dog Sadie is very intense, always charging the door when someone comes, walks us on the leash and tells us where the treats are and when to give them.  She is a terrier of some sort but my sister always called her a "terrorist"!  Just after our first lesson, Alex was able to teach her not to charge the door, proper way to greet people and most importantly how to walk on a leash without pulling my arm out of socket.  Definitely recommend "Out of This World Dog Training"!  I'm looking forward to practicing those exercises and our next lesson!


My dog, Remi, was fearful and became aggressive with some dogs. I contacted Alex and he responded promptly. Within just one hour during our first session, I noticed such a difference. Remi was already behaving better on a leash and with other dogs in the neighborhood. Alex was able to answer every question I had and was very knowledgeable about every situation we encountered with Remi. I feel more confident as a dog owner because of the training, and I know Remi does as well. If you are looking for an honest, kind, and passionate dog trainer, I would highly recommend Alex.


Alex is an extremely knowledgeable dog trainer who can work on a variety of dog issues. It’s clear from his detailed answers and proven methods that he has an in-depth understanding of dog behavior. Alex is working on much more than basic obedience with our dog. We have a rescue that has nervous tendencies from his past so he reacts to people coming in the house by nipping and barking. He also has severe separation anxiety. Alex has so much patience working with him and so far after just 2 sessions we’re already starting to see improvements. Highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a reliable, knowledgeable and effective trainer!

Alyssa and Daniel

We recently completed our 3rd session with Sarah and couldn't be happier with how much our 14 week old puppy- Bodhi- is catching on to obedience commands and learning to walk on a leash. Sarah is very patient and took as much time as needed to answer all our questions. Honestly, these sessions were as beneficial for us as for the puppy, as it helped us to build confidence in working with Bodhi and navigating the first few weeks of being new puppy owners!


Alex was very knowledgeable and understanding of my nervousness for training my eight year old dachshund Chihuahua mix. He didn't just train Troy, my dog, he also helped me be a better person for my dog. Troy is living a better life and is less stressed for when someone comes in the house or leaves. Thank you Alex for helping Troy!


We had such a wonderful experience with Sarah. She is attentive and very knowledgeable. After the first session my pup was able to sit in front of the wide open door without running out (she is usually an escape artist). I could not recommend Sarah and Out of This World Dog Training any more!


Our dog Finn was shy and uncomfortable around other dogs. Sarah, our trainer, recommended a board and train. After having Finn for only 1 week he is able to neutral around other dogs and won’t bark at them. Sarah did an amazing job, I highly recommend Out of this world training to anyone! 


We did a board and train with Sarah for our dog Chester and cannot say enough wonderful things! She is truly a dog whisperer and Chester learned so much! I would 10/10 recommend OOTW dog training.


I reached out to OOTWDT for help with our GSD/Great Pyr mix. I could no longer walk him due to his extreme and dangerous pulling. Allison showed me how to properly walk him, get him to focus on me and not his environment, and to read his body language. She answered all my questions and gave me additional info that I incorporated into training. I had truly come to detest walking him, and now I have the confidence that we’ll soon be able to walk down the sidewalk like everyone else. If you have any dog training needs…I highly recommend contacting Allison for help! Within 3 sessions, she turned everything around!



Get In Touch Today

Please call, text or email if you have questions about any of my dog training services or if you would like to set up a session. Feel free to check out my Facebook page or Instagram via the links below to see what my canine friends and I are up to


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Check Out Our Training Videos

Advice and training tips can be found on our Youtube Channel and Tiktok page.


Tiktok: @ootw_dog_training



What is your service area?

We service primarily Columbus and areas 5 or so minutes outside of 270. On the North end of town our cutoff is Powell/Lewis Center.

What is your training methodology?

We are all positive reinforcement trainers using food, play and praise to motivate the dogs we work with.

What is the cost for Private Training?

Lessons with Alex cost $450 for a three lesson package or $180 for a single lesson.

Lessons with Sarah are $130 for a one hour lesson or you can receive a package discount of three lessons for $300.

Lessons With Tiarra and Allison are $100 for a one hour lesson or you can receive a package discount of-

3 lessons for $250

5 lessons for $400

10 lessons for $750

Does my puppy need to be fully vaccinated for puppy socialization class?

We do not have vaccine requirements for class although most families start their dogs around 12 weeks old when they have had some of their initial immunizations. We do our best to make sure the environment is as clean as possible as well as keeping puppy play controlled to reduce any sharing of germs. 

The main reason for the lack of vaccine requirement is - Physiologically speaking, a dog's primary socialization period is 0-8 weeks old and their secondary socialization period is 8-16 weeks old. If they have not started socialization by then they are typically fearful/unsure around new dogs/people/objects. The tough part about that fact is most dogs cannot have all vaccinations until 16 weeks old. For that reason I suggest starting earlier in a controlled environment like a class setting, vs a dog park where you have no idea about cleanliness, vaccinations, etc.  

What is the cost for group classes?

Group classes cost $200 for 4 weeks of group lessons. They are held at Dogtopia Columbus-Downtown.

Our Group walking class is $25 per class and the meeting location will vary.

What is the cost for the Board and Train program?

Our options for Board and Train are as follows:

  • Puppy Bootcamp: $1500

ONLY available for dogs younger than 6 months old! 

Includes 7 days of Board and Train, 1 introductory lesson prior to boarding, 1 exit lesson after the boarding and 4 Puppy Socialization Classes. 

  • Adult Basics - Board and Train:$2000

This package is for any dogs older than 6 months that do not have major reactivity or aggression behaviors.

Includes 10 days of Board and Train, 1 introductory lesson prior to boarding, 2 exit lessons after the Boarding and 4 group Advanced Obedience Classes. 

  • Reactivity - Board and Train: $3200

This Boarding program is designed for dogs older than 6 months that have reactivity issues.

Includes 14 days of Board and Train, 1 introductory lesson prior to boarding, 2 exit lessons after boarding, 4 Group Advanced Obedience Classes and 4 Group Walking Classes. 

  • Travel Boarding: $150 per day

Only available for dogs with existing training. 

A meet and greet prior to the boarding is required to make sure it will be a safe/productive stay. Board and train requires one private lesson with a member of the team prior to the boarding. This lesson helps set the stage to make the boarding more productive/safe.  

We will focus training on any goals you have in mind prior to the boarding and will address anything else we notice during the stay. Your dog would accompany us to various training activities as well as having multiple training sessions each day. Your dog would live in the respective trainer's home and be within the structure of that environment.

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